Grape varieties

Falanghina and Aglianico are not only the leading lights in wine production in Campania but are the most widely cultivated vines, both in the area and beyond. These wines, alongside Piedirosso, are the mainstay of the company's traditional labels. Production involves strict selection of vines and great attention is paid to bringing out each variety's  individual characteristics in the wine cellar phase.

The qualities of the Falanghina grape (the name derives from the ancient Greek innovation of training the vine over a small support or stick, “falanghe”) are exalted by the volcanic soils of the Roccamonfina area. Sunshine, winds coming in from the nearby Tirrenean Sea and thermal fluctuation instil in Falnghina strong, yet seductive straw-yellow hues, body, crispness and a pleasant, mineral note.

Wine experts have crowned Aglianico the King of southern Italy's wines. It's native territory lies towards the Volturn river, stretching from the Roccamonfina Natural Reserve to Lazio and Campania. On the Adolfo Spada Estate, the characteristics which render this a special wine, and one which ages well, are due not only to the quality of the soil, a soil which is the result of tens of thousands of years of volcanic activity, but also to the cultivation and production methods used. Over time, these methods have proved their intrinsic importance.