Roccamonfina Park

The relationship between land, vines, and man is a subtle interplay that demands respect and commitment. 
For Tenuta Adolfo Spada, the careful setting of this balance involves attention to and promotion of the environmental and socioeconomic context within which the winery operates. 
For this reason, the winery was among the very first wine producers, in early 2009, to adhere to the Map of Services sponsored by the Parco Regionale di Roccamonfina e Foce Garigliano, a protected area of fully 9,000 hectares set in the area bounded by southern Lazio, Molise, and the urban area of Caserta. 

The winery and its vineyards are surrounded by the untouched nature and dense chestnut forests that characterise the landscape of the volcanic complex of Roccamonfina. 
While springtime here offers a spectacle of flowering crocuses, ranunculi, primroses, orchids, anemones, and violets, in autumn, when the tree foliage is aflame with reds and yellows, comes the moment of the chestnut harvest, particularly the local variety known as the "Tempestiva", and of every kind of mushroom that the forest offers up. 
The Garigliano river, which flows through the preserve, carves its bed into the volcanic formations of the Roccamonfina and in the limestone soils of the Monti Aurunci.

In these conditions that nature offers, with soils rich in microelements and in potassium, the grapevine finds an optimal home and thrives, able to achieve levels of quality only in a favoured environment such as this.